Backtastic! travels with you wherever you go!

Most fancy restaurants won’t let you carry in your work chair Take Backtastic! in the car or plane ride! Every chair is now a comfort chair! Take Backtastic! to a sports, music or theater event and enjoy the experience more

Backtastic! Is the best investment you can make in comforting your back pain while sitting

An Aeron Chair from Herman Miller costs over $1,000! That’s way more than the cost of Backtastic!

Backtastic delivers comfort on demand!

Backtastic offers fast support at the push of a button rather than having to toggle and yank multiple levers to get your chair more comfortable.

Backtastic! Offers a solution that is unique to your comfort needs.

Chairs are simply too expensive to not fully address the areas of discomfort faced by people suffering from back pain. Backtastic addresses key spinal pain hotspots that the majority of chairs on the market ignore. Backtastic delivers premium lumbar support at just the right spot.

Employers love Backtastic!

Getting high-end comfort chairs for staff members with back issues often lead to all employees wanting one, too. Addressing the needs of a few employees could lead to tens of thousands of dollars in furniture cost! Backtastic is a more effective way to handle lumbar support issues in the office place!

Chiropractors love Backtastic!

Because it helps you maintain your posture without having to make you think. You don’t sit in the same chair all day, if you’re like most people, you sit in multiple chairs throughout the day. With Backtastic! Every chair can be a luxury seating experience.