Driving Everyday With Back Pain?

When your job takes you on the road, being in the drivers seat is your normal ‘day-to-day’. Drivers are four times as likely to have back soreness than the average person, and although you might not be working at a desk, a driver is faced with the same back ailments as you would experience working in a stationary position in an office chair.

POSTURE Does it feel like you aren’t always doing the best for your back? Are you curling forward? Does it feel like you are giving into had posture more often? Having bad posture has a cumulative effect. At first you’re curling forward just once in a while, but then it become habit, and all those minutes and hours of having bad posture is going to become your norm – and back pain.

SUPPORT Is your truck outfitted with state of the art lower lumbar support? Unless you’re one of the fortunate ones to be driving around an all frills kind of road-beast, you’re probably making due with the manufacturer’s standard driver seat. You might be customizing this with a pillow, trying to make your highway throne as comfortable as that recliner in your living room. Lower lumbar support pushes the spine into proper form, and takes the weight off the spine. Those vertebrae that were once taking the grunt of adapting to any bad posture finally have a chance at healing.

EXERCISE It is suggested that office workers take a break every hour to walk around and stretch their back to ward off pain. Well what about you? Are you taking advantage of those rest stops to show off your yoga skills Chances are, making a stop every hour is going to cut into your drive time - and having tight timelines are your bread and butter.


TARGET YOUR POSTURE Sitting up straight is easier said than done. Once the habit is long term, it’s going to take some serious work to pull those shoulders back and get your spine back into the desired ‘S’ curve that your chiropractor has been raving about.

BRING YOUR SUPPORT WITH YOU Depending on what truck you are driving, your comfortable might change from day to day. Having the independence to bring your lumbar support with you would help adhere to giving your spine a break and work on healing your back everyday!

EXERCISE We can’t set a timer and force you to pull that rig over and give the highway a demonstration of proper stretching, but we can offer you solutions to hold you over between stops.

BACKTASTIC The health of your back is in your hands. Our LumbarAir™ AirCell works similar to the pillow or rolled up towel you’ve been trying out, but its far more customizable.

Lumbar support is built into your undershirt, so you can inflate and deflate your desired support at the touch of the button. Switching out to another truck - you know, that one that has the crummy seat – isn’t a problem anymore when you have your back support with you. With that extra support – you’re going to be sitting up straighter, good posture will be easier to maintain, and as your back heals – you can decrease the inflation as needed. The shirt can be cleaned just like any other undershirt, just remove the component and throw it in the wash. We are traditionally an undershirt, but if you are feeling a bit too warm, and that a/c is not working that day - the Backtastic Tee is a high quality performance Tee, so you’ll still look good, even with a single layer on. We firmly believe, your normal should be a healthy back!