Partnering Opportunities


Increase Your Revenues

We’ve got everything lined up to launch our Backtastic Partnering Program on July 1.

Find out how you can partner with Backtastic to sell LumbarAir™ directly to your patients or clients and generate a great new revenue stream for your business.

Zero-inventory means you won’t have to store product on-site, and we ship directly to your clients. We provide an online purchase journey for your clients, track all your sales and send you a check as you make sales - simple!

Sign up to learn more today and we’ll go over the use of LumbarAir™ so you can see the efficacy for yourself. If you decide to proceed, we’ll walk through the on-boarding process with you and get you ready for our launch. Easy process, takes no more than 30 minutes, and you’ll get a feel for how much revenue you could add to your business.

We’ve had nothing but great feedback from chiropractors and other health care providers on how effective LumbarAir™ could be for their patients. We urge you to see for yourself.

Sign up before our launch and get 10% lower wholesale prices on your initial order!