Learn More About The Talented And Passionate People Behind Backtastic!



STUART TURNER, Founder & Inventor, Sales
Stuart brings over 27 years of experience introducing new technologies to market.  He has spent half his career in the healthcare industry, being an early participant in a disruptive technology that revolutionized healthcare.  Stuart is a graduate of the University of Maryland.  But most importantly, Stuart WAS our certified back sufferer (key word being "was").

Stuart's doctor informed him that he would need back surgery, and he would no longer be able to pursue his passion for running, because his back had degenerated badly from extended periods of sitting, due to working, driving, and flying. This stark new reality was Stuart's driving force to find a solution!

Today Stuart uses his patented LumbarAir™ Wearables everyday and has regained control of his life!  Stuart no longer suffers from back pain, and he is running every day!


KEVIN HORIO, Technology & Operations
Kevin oversees our operations with a focus on technology efficiencies to keep our costs low, which contributes to keeping our product pricing as low as possible.  Kevin brings over 25 years of experience bringing pre-capitalized, pre-revenue, hyper-startups from conception to viability.  Kevin holds a B.S. in Information & Computer Science from the University of Hawaii.

As an avid cyclist (when he has spare time), Kevin has chaired the American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure in Philadelphia, and organized the Mad Scot Trail Ride, benefiting the Nephcure Foundation.

Kevin also struggles with intermittent back pain, going back 30 years when he ruptured a disc while cycling.  Kevin now also uses Stuart's patented LumbarAir™ Wearables and no longer has back pain.  Kevin now cycles with a happy back!



PHILIP MILLER, Product Design & Manufacturing
Phil heads up our Product Engineering and Manufacturing initiatives.  He has over 30 years of engineering experience with fortune 100 companies, and has constructed manufacturing processes to ensure the highest product standards and usability.  Phil's outstanding hands-on technical skills include 3D modeling, 2D drawing and detailed checking of 3D design assemblies to ensure mechanical integrity and function.  These skills were critical as Phil led the transformation of Stuart's conceptual designs into the creation of an initial CAD-produced 3D prototype, and creation of our formal manufacturing specifications. 

Phil has won numerous product design awards, and is named on no less than ten patents. Phil is a graduate of the University of Maryland, with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.


John has over 23 years of experience in Federal law enforcement and operations oversight.  John is a graduate of the University of Maryland, and University of Maryland, University College, with bachelor degrees in Criminal Justice and Accounting.

John's career spans police work in Arlington County, VA, to Special Agent with the U.S. Secret Service where he was assigned to protection duties which included the President, Treasury Secretary and foreign dignitaries. John was also Senior Special Agent with the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, and is currently a member of the Senior Executive Service employed by the Treasury Department’s Office of Inspector General, which ensures that the Department’s bureaus are in compliance with Federal regulations and policies.

John is an avid golfer and a gym “rat”, who plays a lot of basketball and enjoys the beach, whenever he can get there.

John is invaluable in his role as Compliance Advisor for Backtastic! LLC.  His affiliation with Backtastic® is unrelated to his official government duties. 


Dr. Alan

DR. ALAN CORNFIELD, Chiropractor & Advisor
Dr. Alan Cornfield, owner of SMART Medical, expounds that “Life is Motion.”  His personal mission is to help his patients feel good and enjoy life.  For Dr. Cornfield, his business is not about chiropractic care or medicine, but about his patients.  Patient care is priority-one, and the doctors at SMART Medical & Rehab Therapy will do what it takes to help patients get lives back.

Dr. Cornfield is a graduate of the University of Maryland and the New York Chiropractic College.  He is an avid Terps fan, rarely missing a basketball game, and he is also a huge New York Rangers fan.

Keeping himself in motion, he works out daily at his gym, Evolve Academy doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and on Sunday’s he dabbles in playing basketball.  Aside from his business, he is actively involved in his kids lives’ and is very much adored by his friends and his community.

Dr. Cornfield is a premier Chiropractor in the Greater Washington D.C. area, and he is a key contributor to Backtastic!® in many ways, from consistently putting our LumbarAir™ Wearables through testing and evaluation and consulting on our final designs and lumbar support configurations.  When Dr. Cornfield was introduced to Backtastic!® he realized that his patients, and the population at large, would benefit from a high-tech comfort shirt that both protected a person’s back and eliminated their seated pain.  Dr. Cornfield feels that the LumbarAir™ Wearables would help his patients relieve their back pain, and is truly a unique product compared to the myriad of other back support products he has reviewed.