What’s the Buzz On Backtastic?

Backtastic is a wonderful invention!

Easy and convenient.
Wear it anywhere and feel comfortable.
In a car, train, plane, or work, stand up in comfort.
Little to NO pain!

Backtastic will decrease your pain and improve your life!
— Dr. Alan Cornfield
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My work requires me to sit for long periods of time throughout the week. These prolonged periods put a great deal of stress on my back. There were times I was in agony and could not sit for more than 15 minutes without having to stop work, get up and stretch my back to help eliminate the pain. As the day wore on, so did the pain.

I also visited a chiropractor either weekly or every other week. This all had a direct effect on not only my body, but my performance on the job, and my wallet due to medical costs.

Then I discovered the Backtastic Lumbar Support Shirt. With its built in inflatable air system you can inflate or deflate it for your individual needs. It is absolutely amazing.

Now I can sit for long periods of time, I do not see any doctor to help relieve the pain, and gone are those medical costs.

I feel that my work productivity has increased greatly. I continue to sit most of the day at a computer, wearing my Backtastic Lumbar Support Shirt. It has made a significant difference.

At the end of the day I can jump up and look forward to doing activities again with my family and friends! They no longer hear me complaining about my back pain but they do hear all about this great product.

I am now pain free, and my back feels wonderful! I highly recommend the Backtastic Lumbar Support Shirt.

“Pain Free”
— Kathy in PA, early prototype user for over a year!