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Original Lumbar Support TeeShirt

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Reclaim Your Back, Reclaim Your Life!

Backtastic is a proven path to a healthy back through healing, then strengthening. But you can't strengthen your back if you’re in pain, and pain means there’s damage being done. Backtastic provides consistent support and pain relief, so your back can heal, and then be strengthened.

Consistent Seated Back Support. Easy To Use, And Always On You — Cause You’re Wearing It!

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“ Perfect for the new 'working from home' process, and sitting in a chair all day. My back was a problem at first, until I remembered to wear my lumbar support shirt. It has made a big difference in the way I feel. ”
Peter W. - Carlsbad, CA

“ a great experience for me… very useful accessory for relieving the pain that I suffer on a daily basis." 
Connie - Mt. Laurel, NJ

“ I could wear this under anything, and I guess you can't even tell its there."
Eric - MD, USA

It takes away the pain, I don't have pain! I feel like I'm sitting up straighter than I usually do.
Matt - MD, USA

“ Shirt works great, didn't need to use his additional equipment, including a specialized inflatable cushion for his pilot's seat. I am telling all my fellow pilots about this, more to come “
Bob T. - United Airlines Pilot

“ I feel fortunate to be one of the first users of the Backtastic. It has taken care of a problem zone in my lower back, since I do a lot of sitting on my job. I highly recommend it. “
Pete - CA, USA

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Our blog features articles about our LumbarAir™ updates, ways to support your back health, and more!

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