Our Story

How Stuart Got Back Relief

See How Backtastic’s Founder And Inventor Cured His Back Problems

Stuart had serious back problems, had constant pain, and was facing back surgery.  This really scared Stuart, he heard there could be all sorts of complications after the surgery, and he worried he’d never be able to enjoy his passion again — running.  So Stuart tried everything he could find to help relieve his back pain.  But most things didn't work.  And the things that helped were cumbersome and a little embarrassing to use, making it clear to everyone that Stuart had back problems. 

So Stuart created his own solution, which is the patented LumbarAir™ technology behind Backtastic!  Now Stuart doesn't need back surgery, and he enjoys life without back pain, and he’s back to running again! 

Stuart is hoping his solution can help others like you, get relief from your back pain!