Get To Know Your Product

Made with a high grade moisture wicking blend of polyester fabric for ultimate comfort and durability.

Provides cooling during the summer and warmth during the winter and is silky soft on your skin.

Custom stitching with internal pouches, discreetly contains the LumbarAir™ support system.

Our Support System
Our patented built-in lumbar support system is comprised of our proprietary Micro-Air Pump and Lumbar Support Air Cell (Pillow).

Micro-Air Pump
Single-Touch, Toggle-Operated, enclosed in our custom, water resistant neoprene cover.Proprietary, Patented Micro-Air Pump is approximately the size of a standard deck of playing cards. 

Integrated just below the inner arm opening of our LumbarAir™ Wearables for discreetness and on-demand availability.

Uses a standard 9-volt battery, encased with the Micro-Air Pump and associated electronics in a custom high-grade plastic frame. Easy to find replacement batteries, provide extended life and inflation performance, even when under hundreds of pounds of pressure.

Lumbar Air Cell (Pillow)
Medical Grade Non-Latex Air Cell provides lumbar support when inflated with our Micro-Air Pump. The pillow is 9x4 inches flat when not inflated. It is integrated into the inside back of our LumbarAir™ Wearables for discreetness and on-demand availability. 

Total Weight
6 ounces. The total weight of the LumbarAir™ System is similar to the weight of a standard cell phone.