7-Pack Tee White (with Powered LumbarAir™ Support Unit)

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ONE fully-equipped LumbarAir™ Tee-Shirt with built-in AirCell and Powered MicroPump. PLUS + SIX EXTRA LumbarAir™ Tees. Ready to use out of the box! Proven, on-demand, consistent, seated lumbar support. Swap the LumbarAir™ Support Unit between your shirts, always have a fresh one between washes.

Worn as-is, or as an under layer, so we won't cramp your style!


  • LumbarAir™ Tees, White (7-Pack)
  • LumbarAir™ Standard Lumbar Support AirCell (Type 1)
  • LumbarAir™ Powered MicroPump
  • 9V Battery
  • One-Year Warranty